This game will teach your child how to see and understand numbers without counting and how something looks and feels by learning to sort.

The Peek a Dino game gives your child the opportunity to practice knowing how many objects there are in a group without having to count them. This ability is called subitizing.

Maybe this is a new math term to add to your math vocabulary and it’s simple to put into practice!

For adults, we often use self-talk to use this skill. It sounds like this: When at the grocery store, “I have 5 apples in my cart. I saw 3 apples and 2 apples, so I know I have 5 altogether.”

For your child, you can narrate what your child is doing and reinforce this skill. It sounds like this: “I noticed that when I asked you to grab your shoes, you knew to grab 2 shoes—one for each foot! You didn’t even have to count.”

Math is Everywhere!

Instructions to play Peek a Dino

You can substitute items you have around the house for the little dinosaurs, the blanket or the mat called for in the game instructions. Use what you already have.

If you’d like to purchase the dinosaurs and fabric indicated in the game, you can link to these resources.

Learning Resources: Dinosaurs
Amazon: Fabric

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