Black Families Matter

Black communities continue to face and carry the daily pain and unfairness of racism. The rate of police brutality and killing of unarmed Black people in America is unacceptable and provides a bleak future for young Black children. We stand with the Black community in confronting injustices.

Each of us has a responsibility to help rid the unjust hatred against the Black community and dismantle systemic and institutional racism and racist polices through compassion, unity, and action. Zeno’s staff, leadership and board are committed to listening and uplifting Black voices and striving for liberation.

As calls for reform and accountability mount, Zeno will continue to center our mission on children of color and working towards dismantling racism. Zeno stands with Black families, educators, neighbors, and communities. We will not give up.

Zeno Staff and Board

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Debra Monroe

Thanks ZENO for standing with our Community

Nicole Brazelton

I stand with Zeno in agreement. Each generation is responsible for passing down a world that’s in a better position than it was when we inherited it. Thank you!


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