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by Jermell Witherspoon, Zeno Early Learning Specialist People, coming together to create space for gifts, talents, passions, and the meeting of basic needs in the shallowest of terms, is a definition of community. Zeno not only celebrates the power of math, we celebrate the power of community. Before ever beginning work with a new partner, […] Read More

Since our start as Explorations in Math, Zeno has remained dedicated to improving kids’ confidence and competence in math.  Through the years we have worked to determine the best way to impact children by exploring various methods: programs specifically designed for students, programs that focus on educating parents, and programs that coach and provide resources […] Read More

Zeno is seeking a dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate Executive Director to lead the organization in building a positive math culture. What is it like working at Zeno? Let’s hear from the crew themselves! We asked our staff to describe working at Zeno and this is what we heard: Erin Tierney, Zeno’s Development Manager, explains that […] Read More