In this season of gratitude, here’s a quick countdown of a few things for which I am thankful.

5.  1403099_10201499848395957_904276639_o Zeno’s staff. You have never met a more dedicated, smarter or harder-working bunch. My colleagues, whom I am lucky to also call friends, are not in this job for the money (as if!) but because we all believe in the mission.

4. Volunteers. Because we operate on a shoestring (see above), we rely on people giving of their time. And give they do. For example, just about  10 days ago, we had 125 volunteers at MathFest manning game tables, handing out food, directing traffic, pushing brooms,  etc.. We have some repeat volunteers (I’m looking at you… Holly, Ian, Jacob, Amy, Julie, Angela and Joseph) that could run the event themselves. We. Could. Not. Do. This. Without. You.

3. Partners. Thanks to other non-profits such as Islandwood and Pacific Science Center, Zeno is growing and stretching into different areas , while helping people see the connection of math to everyday life. Go to a Math and Science Mashup and see for yourself!

2. Math advocates. You know who you are…the teacher in a building who says, “Sure! I will teach math club.” Vi Hart and others like her, who allows us to literally see the joy that comes from playing with math. The families who not only set aside time for math homework, but make time to play math games with the kids in their lives.

1462923_567007836706222_1739922958_n1. Kids. It’s a bit trite to say that “it’s for the kids,” but that is truly how we roll here at Zeno. We are so very lucky to work with kids every day, watching the light bulb turn on, seeing them get excited about playing Salute, or according to Mathematicians-in-Residence, having to be forced out the door to recess instead of staying inside to do more math.  Math-powered moments inspire us every single day. Thanks, kiddos!

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