August 24th + 25th, Cedarbrook Lodge (SeaTac)






In December 2016, Zeno received a grant from Washington STEM to support the expansion of our MathWays for Early Learning (MathWays) program to new communities in the Puget Sound region. Part of the grant’s focus is exploring ways to make the program easily scalable for future further expansion. A large part of the success of the MathWays program depends on the efforts of preschool teachers, home visitors, family advocates, and other early learning professionals from our partner organizations. While Zeno develops games, training, and other support to get families excited about and engaged with math, these on the ground advocates and educators are the drivers of engagement in their communities.

With this in mind, Zeno is hosting its first Summer Institute for early learning professionals this August. Up to this point, most of our trainings for providers have been done on an organization by organization basis. While this method allowed Zeno to build strong relationships with our partners, the time and logistics of individual trainings will become increasingly unsustainable as the program expands both in service number and geographic reach.

A 2-day Summer Institute model will allow us to bring together early learning professionals from our partner organizations for workshops and conversations around engaging families with math, and hands-on experiences with Zeno’s games and resources. Providers will leave the Institute with new ways to explore math with early learners, best practices in engaging families from low-income, diverse communities, and expanded professional networks with colleagues across the early learning community in our region.


Are you an early childhood educator working with low-income families?

While the Summer Institute is primarily designed for providers from Zeno’s partner organizations, there is a limited amount of space for outside attendees. If you think you or your organization would be a good fit, check out the event details and registration link on our event page, and feel free to reach out to us with questions at!


We look forward to sharing more about the Summer Institute next month, as well as how participants use what they learn in their programs in the fall!






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