Zeno and Rusty George at the launch party

What’s a “Zeno,” you ask? The short answer is that Zeno of Elea was Greek philosopher who was one of the first to talk about the concept of infinity. But there’s more to the story…much more.

In 2003, four parents sat around a kitchen table and imagined a world in which kids and families were excited about math, rather than dreading it or thinking it was for geeks only. Voila! Explorations in Math was born; an organization dedicated to building positive math culture in elementary school communities.

Flash forward to 2012:  Explorations in Math has worked with over 40 elementary schools, launched our first long-distance partnership with a network of schools in Chicago, piloted implementation of our programs at the district level on Bainbridge Island and built a partnership with the Pacific Science Center and countless other community organizations.  Math clubs have waitlists, thousands fill gyms and community centers to play math at MathFest and adults are getting over their own math phobias to be better equipped to help their kids and to simply have fun with them.

But here’s the thing…we’re not just about exploring math. We’re about the infinite possibilities that arise from an individual’s relationship with math.  That is…the stronger an individual’s relationship with math and the longer that relationship can grow and develop, the greater that individual’s possibilities become. At Zeno, we believe that with the self-confidence and skills gained by experiencing math in fun, engaging, accessible ways, a person’s possibilities are infinite.

Zeno. Infinity. Infinite possibilities. Clever, huh?

We didn’t think of all this by ourselves; we had lots of help from Rusty George Creative, a panel of advisors and the input of folks like you. So infinite thanks.

We are Zeno. Math Powered.

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