Two years ago, Zeno committed to improving the lives of children from an early age through our MathWays for Early Learning program. One way we reach families through this program is by partnering with organizations that implement a wonderful program called Parent Child Home Program – or PCHP.

img_4560What is PCHP?

PCHP is a 50-year-old nationwide program started by Dr. Phyllis Levenstein, a clinical psychologist at Columbia University. Tasked with initiating a program that would reduce the high school dropout rate, Dr. Levenstein identified that a nurturing home environment was the key to a child’s long term academic success. She formalized the PCHP program, which focused on strengthening the parent-child communication and provides families with early literacy tools needed to prepare their children to be successful students.

How it works

A low-income family with young child or children (2 or 3 years of age) is identified. The family is matched with a trained home visitor with same language and similar cultural background. The home visitor visits the family twice a week, every week for a period of 2 years. In that time, they work closely with the family bringing early literacy tools and guiding the caregiver’s interaction with the child. The success of the program lies in the positive mentor/modeling relationship that the home visitor develops with the family.

Zeno’s role  

Last year, Zeno partnered with home visitors in timg_4784he Chinese Information and Services Center (CISC) and Atlantic Street Center PCHP programs, providing math games and card packs for home visitors to share with families. These home visitors worked individually with families, playing Zeno math games and sharing ways for parents and caregivers to create a positive math atmosphere at home.

This year, Zeno will extended partnerships to PCHP programs run by Atlantic Street Center, Encompass NW, YWCA and El Centro de la Raza.

By partnering with PCHP families serving a diverse set of communities, Zeno is creating even more math powered families!

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