We need 12 volunteers for our first Math & Science Mashup of the school year:

When: Thursday, Oct. 10, 4:45-7:45 pm
Where: Yesler Terrace Community Center, 917 E. Yesler Way, Seattle, WA  98144

What can you expect at Math & Science Mashup? In partnership with the Pacific Science Center, kids and their families experience hands-on activities that showcase how math and science are at work everywhere! Based around activities that showcase math and science in the home, kids and families are testing trebuchets, building instruments and testing pitch, and even finding the optimal way to create a paper airplane. Volunteers are stationed along with staff at the games and activities, and bring an extra set of hands and positive attitudes about math to give a whole new dimension to family fun!

Join us for fun with math and science! E-mail volunteer@zenomath.org to sign up.


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