Volunteer Code of Conduct

It is the desire of Zeno to provide the highest quality services available to the children in our programs (anyone below 18 years of age).  Our commitment as an organization is to create an environment for children that is safe, nurturing, and empowering and which promotes growth and success for the children who participate in our services.  To clarify our vision of how this will be accomplished, the Code of Conduct outlines specific expectations of staff and volunteers as we strive to accomplish our mission together.

  1. Children will be treated with respect at all times and without regard to their race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or other trait protected by applicable law.
  2. We will not use inappropriate language or tell off-color jokes in the presence of children.
  3. We will not discuss sexual encounters with children or in any way involve children in our personal problems or issues.
  4. We will not use or be under the influence of alcohol while on duty, especially in the presence of children.
  5. We will not have sexually oriented materials at work, including printed or Internet pornography.
  6. We will not have secrets with individual children.
  7. We will dress conservatively and appropriately.
  8. We will not stare at or comment about a child’s body.
  9. We will avoid affectionate behavior with children when there is no other adult present to witness it.
  10. We shall not abuse children in any way.  Abuse would include any of the following:

– Physical abuse including hitting, spanking, shaking, slapping, or using unnecessary restraints.

– Verbal abuse including degrading, inappropriately threatening, or cursing.

– Sexual abuse including inappropriate touching, exposing oneself, or having sexually oriented conversations.

– Mental abuse including shaming, humiliation, or cruelty.

– Neglect including withholding food, water, or shelter.

  1. Everyone, including other children, is prohibited from hazing, bullying, derogatory name-calling, games such as “truth or dare” or singling out one child for differential treatment, ridicule or humiliation.
  2. In compliance with state law, you must report concerns or complaints about abusive behavior by any Zeno staff member, volunteer or participating child to the highest ranking program supervisor/coordinator, who can be reached at (206) 325-0774. Every allegation of abuse will be taken seriously. Zeno will cooperate fully with the authorities and comply with all applicable laws.
  1. If you are arrested or charged with any crime against children, including but not limited to child abuse, indecency with a child, or sexual assault or exploitation of a child, then you must immediately notify Zeno at (206) 325-0774 so that we may review the situation and take those precautions deemed appropriate.

– Zeno will not tolerate any form of abuse in dealing with children.  We will take strict disciplinary action against any employee or volunteer who is found to have committed such abuse, up to and including immediate dismissal from ZENO.

– Zeno will fully cooperate with authorities if allegations of abuse are made and being investigated.

– Consistent with applicable law, Zeno does not accept applicants or volunteers who have been convicted of any crime against children, including but not limited to child abuse, indecency with a child, or sexual assault or exploitation of a child.




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