Volunteer for Zeno Document Design

Zeno is looking for a creative and detail-oriented individual to spruce up our games and resources! We have the content, and you get to make it look amazing. Tap into your inner designer and help us make our games look as fun on paper as they are to play!

Volunteer Tasks:

  • Add the Zeno logo to existing Zeno documents.
  • Add borders and arrange page layout as needed for best presentation of content.

Required Skills:

  • Comfort using Microsoft Word and Publisher


  • Familiarize yourself with great math games and resources
  • Practice manipulating graphics and layout in Word and Publisher

Time Commitment:

  • 10-20 hours over 2 months

Start Date: January 2015

Additional Details:

  • After initial volunteer orientation with Zeno staff, this project can be done remotely with volunteer emailing or uploading documents to Zeno supervisor.

Interested? Email Kate Sedney-Read at katese@zenomath.org or call 206-325-0774.

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