Zeno’s recent record-breaking Make a Move 4 Math (MM4M) dinner and auction at the Museum of Flight was possible because of our crew of incredibly dedicated volunteers. For this month’s volunteer spotlight, we would like to introduce you to the trio who made up our MM4M Working Committee –Jeannette Roden, Angela Bertrand and Amy Bresslour. Together, they coordinate the details – big and small – that bring MM4M to life.

Our MM4M Working Committee is in charge of a whole host of details – including imagining the décor at the event, building the program, procuring the auction items, guiding volunteers, and having key roles during the event. All of this together makes the event seem effortless. How did they do it all? Between in-person meetings, collaborating over email and bringing their incredible ideas to the table, this trio of driven professionals (and longtime Zeno volunteers) have helped build Make a Move 4 Math into a signature evening of fun + philanthropy!

What motivates them to volunteer for Zeno? Their replies are consistent – two things keep bringing them back – the mission and the people. “The combination of a worthwhile mission and a great group of people.”, says Jeannette.

Jeannette Roden
Jeannette Roden

Jeannette, an IT professional, was introduced to Zeno through OneBrick and has been volunteering every MM4M since 2012! She uses her math skills every single day at her job, she attributes her career growth to her comfort with math. Motivated to provide the same opportunity for the next generation, Jeannette devotes her time to supporting Zeno’s mission through volunteering at other events like MathFest.


Angela Bertrand

For Angela, it is personal. “As a kid, I fell quickly behind in math as a result of transferring schools and being told I wasn’t good at it.” So when she was paired with Zeno through the Hands On Leadership program at Seattle Works, she knew it was a perfect match! Over 5 years of volunteering for Zeno, she has seen passion in every one of Zeno staff and their dedication to ensure kids don’t fall into the math anxiety trap. Angela brings her professional skills as the Resource Development Data Analyst to help organize Zeno’s MM4M event. This was the fourth MM4M that she has helped organize and, we hope, just the beginning!

Amy Bresslour

Amy is also drawn to the story behind Zeno, its purpose of existence. She credits her friend, a Seattle public school teacher, for introducing her to Zeno. As a guest at MM4M in 2011, Amy couldn’t resist sharing her ideas for making the event stronger. The next year, she joined us on the volunteer committee. As a Development Director at an independent school, organizing fundraisers is part of her day job. Using that valuable experience, Amy identified and sorted out back-end details – logistical, process, formatting, and those key strategic little pieces that hold together an event of this scale. Amy is thrilled to be able to help reach more donors each year and make the event more successful.

We asked the trio one thing unique about volunteering for Zeno. Here’s what they had to say..

Jeannette:  Zeno events are the only places where I regularly interact with kids who are truly excited & enthusiastic about math.  That’s really, really cool… 🙂

Angela: They keep the events fun! Family Math Nights and MathFest are kid-centered with with goal of making math fun, Zeno brings that same energy to all of their events and committee meetings. They want their volunteers and supporters to have fun too.

Amy: It is one place where I see math really come to life!

Thank you, Jeannette, Angela and Amy
for your consistent and continued dedication to Zeno.
Your enthusiasm is an inspiration to Zeno volunteers, present and future!

Interested in learning more about Volunteering with Zeno? Check out our current volunteer opportunities or contact Kate Sedney-Read at katese@zenomath.org for more information!

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