Zeno is pleased to showcase volunteers who exemplify the Zeno spirit in our volunteer spotlight series.

Zeno is grateful to have volunteers from diverse backgrounds, spanning different ages. Zeno’s volunteers bring a vast array of skills to the organization, whether they are working a table at MathFest or helping out behind-the-scenes.

Meet Nathan Merrill, a senior at Garfield High School. As co-captain of the school Robotics team, Nathan enjoys math, computer science, and music. He loves to sing, sail, and backpack. And that’s just the beginning…Nathan is also an enthusiastic Zeno volunteer!

When Nathan was looking for math related volunteer opportunities, he came across Zeno and was inspired by the organization’s mission to help kids really enjoy math. Volunteering at Zeno combined two of his favorite things – math and playing games! Nathan says he sees many of his fellow students dislike math, possibly because they are apprehensive about it. Nathan believes Zeno’s initiative of making math fun and accessible for kids at an early age will certainly help ease math anxiety as they face more challenging math in higher grades.

At Zeno, Nathan has been involved in a variety of tasks. He especially enjoys helping out at events. He finds it “gratifying to see the effect that Zeno has on kids.” During one of Nathan’s favorite volunteer experiences, a kid he was working with got so excited about the math concept behind the game, he felt genuinely happy doing math! Nathan also loves watching the child-like wonder that adults have as they connect with their kids through math.

Behind the scenes, Nathan has been setting up the new lending library of games for Zeno. He loves imagining all the different people who will now be able to experience these games and all the math explorations that await them.

Nathan highly recommends volunteering at Zeno because “It is a friendly, welcoming environment, where you get to play games with kids.”

Thank YOU, Nathan! Zeno is grateful for all that you do to make a positive difference in kids’ math attitudes.

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