Zeno is pleased to showcase volunteers who exemplify our organizational values and are passionate about our mission!

Name: Haftom Dessalegn
Favorite Number: 12
Favorite Pet Never Owned: Tiger
Hometown: Mekelle, Ethiopia + Apple Valley, Minnesota


Haftom, a Product Development Engineer at The Boeing Company, first started volunteering with Zeno about 2 years ago. He was drawn to Zeno because of the focus on early STEM education, especially math, and found that Zeno’s focus on families stood out: “I have been very fortunate to volunteer for a number of organizations that focus on early childhood education, yet they don’t seem to involve families the way Zeno does…at Zeno, families are involved and are at the core when it comes to having kids develop competence and confidence in math.”

Over the past few years, Haftom has been involved in a number of events and projects, including playing games and being a crew chief at MathFest, helping families find the fun in math and science at our Math + Science Mashup events, and assembling Math Game Kits for families with early learners! “Getting Hi-5s and seeing kids smile when they complete an activity and/or a challenge, witnessing a parent discovering their kids talent for the first time, and meeting and networking with people that are passionate about bettering the community we live in” are all things that bring him back to volunteer time and again.

In addition to volunteering with Zeno, you can find Haftom volunteering with and supporting other great organizations like Washington Alliance for Better Schools and Enderta Regional Development Association (a not for profit organization that build schools in the rural areas of Ethiopia, Tigray region). When not building airplanes and working to make the world a better place, hiking, backpacking, camping, reading, and visiting old/new microbreweries are just a few ways he enjoys relaxing!

THANK YOU Haftom for bringing joy and confidence in math to kids and families!

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