Card Games

Card Games

img06-largeYou can take the math fun wherever you go with just a deck of cards! Playing these card games with the kids in your life helps emphasize that math can be fun – not scary – and that working to solve a problem can be a blast!

Play Math Card Packs

When available, we utilize recycled casino cards to create Zeno’s Play Math Card Packs. These are distributed at all our school and community events. Visit Zeno at any Family Math Night, Math + Science Mash Up, MathWays Workshop or MathFest to pick up your own!

To check out the Play Math Card Packs’ magic ingredient, you can download our game instructions here in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Somali.



Salute with your card, and with just one clue, guess which card you are holding. This fast-paced game will have you solving for x without even knowing it! Play several rounds for a fun way to practice mental math.

Goal: Players guess the card they have using the sum as a clue

Skill: Addition, Number Sense

Number of Players: 3

Math Go Fish

You may have played Go Fish, but have you tried this Math Powered version? All you need is a standard deck of cards.

Goal: Players find pairs that add up to 10

Skill: Base 10, Number Sense

Number of Players: 2 or more

Closest to Zero

Gather around with 2-4 of your favorite people and a set of playing cards. With every move, make sure to keep your cards close to you and their sum closest to zero!

Goal: End the game with the lowest sum of 4 cards

Skill: Addition, Number Sense

Number of Players: 2-4

Number Staircase

Walk down the staircase but build up your total as you decide how to best use your cards toward a larger sum.

Goal: Combine the cards you draw to build the largest number you can imagine!

Skill: Number Sense

Number of Players: 2 or more

All Out!

Open two cards from a stack of cards, subtract one from other and pay up the difference in markers or beans or even M&Ms if you like, till you are all out!

Goal: Be the first to to give away all your markers

Skill: Subtraction, Number Sense

Number of Players: 2


Knock your way through this game in which sevens get all the attention! Build a chain centered around seven and earn cards from other players, but keep your score low. Sounds intriguing? Give it a spin!

Goal: Be the first to play all the cards in your hand

Skill: Addition, Number order, Number Sense

Number of Players: 3-5


Twinks is all about making equations with a deck of cards. See your cards on the table and use add/subtract/multiply/divide them in any way you want. Every correct answer you call out earns you those cards!

Goal: To win more cards than the other player by game's end

Skill: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mental Math

Number of Players: 2-6 players or 2 teams for larger groups

Get to 100

Fine tune your number sense by making numbers out of cards you have, and adding or subtracting them to get to 100.

Goal: Win points by getting closer to 100 than the other team

Skill: Addition, Number Sense

Number of Players: 2 teams of 4 players

Twenty Five

Twenty five is bulls eye! Take one card at a time from a deck of cards and add up to 25 but if you go too far, subtract your way back down till you reach 25 on the dot.

Goal: Be the first player to make a sum of 25

Skill: Addition, Subtraction, Number Sense

Number of Players: 2 or more