Yeah, I know. You have waited to the last possible minute to figure out a Halloween costume. The child in your life…well she or he knew since LAST November 1st what they wanted to be. But now it is crunch time, and the Shrek ears you normally wear each year are not to be found. Fear not, we are on hand to suggest some math-y costumes for you. What’s more, these costumes require no sewing, gluing or hard-to-find materials.

  1. Got a sheet? No, I’m not advocating you go out dressed as a Charlie Brown Halloween ghost…though I do like your thinking. This year, wrap the sheet into a toga, “liberate” some ivy from your neighbors fence (it’s an invasive species anyway) to create a circlet for your head, and grab a marker. Fill the bed sheet with a seemingly endless string of numbers, or even more simply, ink the infinity symbol on your chest. Voila! You are now Zeno of Elea.
  2. HypatiaSame basic toga idea as above, but this time cut out and hold a right triangle. Helloooo Pythagoras!
  3. And for a third time, the toga… for a prop, print out a star chart. This time, you are Hypatia of Alexandria, the first documented female mathematician. Poor Hypatia met a gruesome end, so beware of angry mobs.


Enjoy the holiday with your little goblins.

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