We often get asked, “Why doesn’t Zeno have a math app?” The short answer is that we are not software developers. Plus, the special sauce that Zeno brings to a community is primarily relational – we find that it takes time and person-to-person interactions to build a deep math-powered vibe.

But that doesn’t mean we are philosophically opposed to anything techy. Far from it. In fact, if an app or website mixes more fun math into a kid’s day, we are all for it. In that light, here are some free or low-cost math apps* that may be worth checking into:

Glow Burst: quickly click on glowing numbers, from highest to lowest. Correct sequences earn you more time, as does completing the round. This app features both negative and positive numbers, and what makes it interesting is that the sequences do not always follow patterns or are consecutive.

Motion Math: Under the title of Motion Math, there are a number of fun apps for kids to use when playing around with math. Feed a goldfish by addition and subtraction in Motion Math: Hungry Fish. Work with arrays in Motion Math: Wings. Practice placing numbers (negative and positive, decimals and whole numbers) on a number line in Motion Math: Zoom.

24 game copy24: This is a Zeno favorite. Use all four given numbers once (and only once) to create an equation that equals 24.  Players may use all four operations and there are three levels of difficulty. What’s extra fun about this game is that many cards have multiple solutions, which is a way for all of us to see different paths in problem solving.

Just for fun, I have included a photo of a level 1 card. How many ways can you make 24 with it?

And yes, this is just a  teensy smattering of the math apps out there. What are some of your favorites?

*We are not being paid or supported by any of the folks making these apps. As in all things, buyers should evaluate if this is right for the child in their life.

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3 thoughts on “There's an app for that!”

  1. Ah, good point. There are plenty of 24 games available on the Android platform. Just search “24 game” and a bunch will pop up (many of them free).

    Also try Factor Samurai (who doesn’t love a samurai?) for practice in prime and composite numbers and Chicken Coop Fractions.

    If you do load and play, let us know what you think.

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