The Zeno Story

Founded in 2003 as Explorations in Math, Zeno was created by Akin (nee, Norman) Alston and a group of parents at Wilder Elementary School in Woodinville, Washington.

Akin, a mathematician and engineer, had a deep understanding of the power of math and the importance of building a child's confidence in math early through play. He believes math is an equalizer for children in disadvantaged communities.

In 2015 Zeno entered the early learning space to address the gaps of students from low-income communities entering kindergarten without expected math skills.  True to the integrity of Akin’s vision, Zeno changed our mission to focus on the duality of early math work and racial equity. 

Today, Zeno’s work to develop programs that have a sustaining impact on communities of color leads to deeper, more meaningful partnerships, a wider reach across Washington State, and realigns the full scope of Zeno’s work to more authentically center racial equity and address systemic injustices in education. 


Learn more about Akin's story as a Black founder here


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