pirateopolyThis week, Zeno partnered with El Centro de la Raza in Beacon Hill to provide a high seas adventure for 15 students in the Adventures in Arrghrithmetic camp. These enthusiastic adventurers explored the realms of number sense, measurement, and spatial sense by making pirate hats and boats, hunting for hidden treasure, and more!

We know that pirates have a lot of fun exploring the seas, but how do they do it? How do they know where to look for treasure, and how much treasure they have found? How do they know how fast or what direction their ship is going? Over the week, kids in the Adventures in Arrghrithmetic camp answered all of these questions and more. From choosing a pirate name to counting and weighing treasure, our 1st and 2nd grade campers sailed through a variety of arithmetic-based games and activities! All of Zeno’s summer math camps are designed to combine the fun, creativity, and energy of all of your favorite summer activities to reinforce the key math concepts learned throughout the school year. We know math isn’t the first thing many kids think about during their break, but with a little imagination we know math can be a memorable part of everyone’s summer adventures!

Zeno’s summer camps would not be possible without the fantastic community spaces in which they take place. Thanks to our partners at El Centro de la Raza for providing a great classroom space and welcoming us as one of the many programs they provide to support youth and families in Beacon Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods!

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  1. how about summer math camps for the 5-6 grade children at the same location for summer 2015. that would be great for the hill!

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