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Welcome to our shiny new math blog. Well, not so new really – but now we have bright colors! And our last blogger extraordinaire, Dave Gardner, has officially retired so it’s me, Mary, at the helm. I’m Zeno’s Director of Curriculum and Training.

But enough about me…let’s talk about the vision for this blog and some of the (ugh!) ground rules for discussion.

First, we think of our blog as a place to host a conversation. I’m going to throw out a question or two each week to perhaps shape the discussion, and I’ll moderate it (more about that below) but really we want it to be a place where people can virtually meet to discuss all things mathy. Zeno is not a policy non-profit – meaning for example, that we do not take any stance on what the best math books out there are, or take sides on education reform. We leave that all to others; our job is to make math relevant and exciting for kids and families so that they want to do more of it. Pretty simple. What that means about this blog is that we don’t have an agenda to push, other than hoping to someday ban the sentence, “I hate math.”

Scratch that. Our agenda is to host conversations about math and let you all think and natter about some of the Big Math Questions. (And yes, also ban the sentence, “I hate math.”)

That brings me to how we’ll moderate the discussion. When we changed our name to Zeno (ancient Greek), I had a vision of our blog being like the agora in ancient Athens where philosophers would have meet ups. I imagined us all bumping into each other in the town square, and that our discussions would be lofty and respectful. And we’d all be wearing killer togas.

But the reality in the blogosphere is that discussion is often closer to three year-olds tussling in the sandbox than some idealized version of the agora. Dirt gets thrown, hair gets pulled and names get called. So the only real ground rule here at Math Matters is play nice or your comment will be deleted. By “play nice” I mean that off-color, off-topic, hate-mongering and spammy comments will hit the trash can. Vigorous debate, yes! Personal attacks, not so much.

Oh, and if you really want to expound at length about a particular math topic, zip me an email ( and I’d be happy to set you up as a guest blogger.

So now that the preliminaries are over with…what’s on your mind, math-wise, this week?

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