We are half way through summer and my soon to be 1st and 3rd graders are making the most of every extra hour of daylight. Meanwhile, I am always looking for opportunities to roll real math – the kind that they can feel and experience – into their summer explorations.

I don’t have to look too far, as math happens to be all around us.

In this summer special series, I share some math boosting opportunities that can give the kids in your life a window into the math around us.

Math in the garden

How does your garden grow? Are the kids tending to it?

Talk to them as you plant every new seedling. If each tomato sapling has to be spaced 30 inches apart, how many can you fit into 4 feet of garden?

How much is 30 inches, really? How does it compare to say 3 feet?

Math at the grocery store

Next time the kids tag along to the grocery store, make them the responsible adult. Hand them a $5 bill and a mini-list and let them shop! See if they can buy all of it within budget.

Can $5 buy 1 lb of apples? What if the list has apples and bananas – how much of each can they buy?

Math at the King County Library System (KCLS)

Math is in the minds of readers at Fizz, Boom, Read, the KCLS summer learning program. The focus this summer is on STEM, with hands on exploration that goes beyond books. Be sure to check out their Mathemagic workshop and the musical The Day Zero Left Dodge at various locations around town. These are just two of the Math Powered programs that really bring the fun factor!

As always, be sure to check Zeno’s own list of math resources. A little bit of math education mixed in with everyday fun will ensure your kids’ math skills stay afloat and even soar over summer. The only kind of summer slide your kids will experience is the kind that makes them go ‘Wheee….’ down into a splash pool!

How is math a part of your daily routine?

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