Our guest blog today comes from Anusha Rao, long-time Zeno supporter and brilliant blogger!

We are a few weeks into summer break, and my soon-to-be 1st and 3rd graders are basking in the sunshine and the loads of free time each day. As a Zeno volunteer and parent of these two boys, I am always looking for opportunities to engage them with math without compromising their summer fun.

Math can be learned through pencil and paper, but real math – the kind that you feel and touch and experience does not happen while sitting at desks. It happens in our daily lives.

Watch for this series of posts as I share the math boosting opportunities that work for us as a family.

Math at the Lemonade Stand

If the kids know their nickels from dimes, they are ready for their own business! Help them design and set up their own store – be it a lemonade stand or a juice bar.

Setting up something from scratch needs some estimation skills.

  • How many kids will be playing near where the stand will be?
  • How much lemonade might they need to make?
  • How much did it cost to make the lemonade?
  • How much should they charge to make it profitable?

A lesson in currency, a bit of estimation and  lots of ice makes for some cool math lessons. 


World Cup Soccer is in full swing! Travel virtually to Brazil and follow the games. Can your kids predict a winner based on past winners? Can they draw a bar graph with the country that has won the most World Cups? How many people will be at the World Cup Finals? How do the players compare against each other in their goals scored? Which teams and players are most talked about in social media? It’s all a game of numbers, so make use of this ample opportunity for math play.

Zeno Math Powered

Be sure to check Zeno’s own list of math resources.  Our recommended reading list and interactive games will reinforce how amazing math really is!

We grow to love math by following our curiosity and wonder. When math is loved, it will be absorbed much more easily and deeply than any learning center can drill.

More ideas next time, but do write to us about how you support math literacy over the summer!

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