The beginning of the school year always feels to me as if the starter’s pistol has gone off, and I am suddenly in a race with Usain Bolt. Well, maybe it’s not Olympic caliber racing, but you get the point…one day it is sleepy summer schedules, and the next; blaring alarm clocks, attendance bells, forms, fees, soccer carpools, forms, and more forms. Inevitably, there is something else to get from the office supply store (lucky I love those places!) and checks to write for camps, technology, and class photos.

Pirate Girl

To offset some of this busy-busy-hurry-up time, I suggest curling up on the couch with kids of all ages and doing a read-aloud. One of our very favorite new books is called The Pirate Girl’s Treasure: An Origami Adventure by Peyton and Hilary Leung.  In it, a pig-tailed protagonist travels over mountains and sea, seeking booty that has been hidden by her grandfather. But the real treasure is that as you read, kids can follow along by folding a single sheet of paper into different origami shapes (boat, mountain, cave and even a pirate shirt.) Kids in our math summer camps LOVED it.

Give it a whirl, and be sure to point out the geometry in paper-folding as the children in your life make their origami creations.

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2 thoughts on “The back-to-school boogie”

  1. Mary I just ordered this book and can’t wait to read it with the kids. Our 3rd grader’s class theme this year is Pirates so this will fit in perfectly. Thanks for the idea.

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