summer camp

Common Core makeovers!

We have been busy over the summer getting all our math club and summer math camp curricula ready for fall. In addition to making the curriculum pages look all purdy and such, we have also been through an exhaustive (and exhausting!) review of our lessons and activities. Our Mathematicians-in-Residence burned the midnight oil to compare …

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Ah, summer!

With schools on summer hiatus, it may seem that Zeno goes a bit quiet during July and August. Staff take vacations, meetings are held on our roof deck, and even the frequency of blog, Facebook, and Twitter posts goes down. But don’t be fooled…summer is actually one of our busiest “behind-the-scenes”times. It’s the season in which …

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"Go outside and play!"

That was my mom’s favorite line each summer. (Somehow I suspect it is not original to her.) My summer vacations in elementary school were one long blur of bike riding, tree climbing and backyard baseball-kickball-dodge ball games that lasted all day. Well okay, there might have been some mini bonfires too, but shush. The only …

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