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  Almost a month ago, over 600 kids and family members spent their Saturday playing math with us at Everett MathFest! MathFest + Community Partnerships = Math-Powered Communities Thanks to our partnership with Everett Public Schools, families in the Everett area came out in force on May 19th to spend their Saturday afternoon playing math […] Read More

  Join us at MathFest and experience all the FUN math can make possible! MathFest is a free celebration where children ages 3 – 11 and their families play carnival-like math games, win prizes and have fun. While playing, children and adults alike build their confidence in and enthusiasm for math. See the kids in […] Read More

We could say a lot about the new Board Chair here at Zeno, but we’ll do you one better. Ladies and gentleman, the man himself! Hi, I’m Bill Ellis, new Board Chair for Zeno. I’ve been on the Board for the past two years, and before that was involved with Zeno as a member of […] Read More

Zeno has the privilege of working with one super math powered sophomore from Redmond High School who brings her passion for FUN math to Zeno kids all year long! In addition to playing the tenor saxophone, running cross country, playing tennis, tackling Pre-Calculus (her favorite class!), dancing hip hop and spending time with friends and […] Read More