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Have a Parachute Party! Go beyond numbers, make a parachute and see your math power in action. We hope you enjoy the 12 Days of MathWays and share the joy of math with the kids in your life this holiday season! If you enjoyed these games, please consider sharing the gift of math confidence with […] Read More

Today’s game is perfect for large groups. Take turns counting numbers but careful – some numbers will get you buzzed out! Play it with friends and family and you’ll soon be buzzing with math energy! Your Math Powered gift today=infinite possibilities tomorrow. Consider a donation to @Zeno_Math this holiday season! Read More

Pico, Fermi, or Nada? Use just these three clues in our number sleuthing game. Wear your detective hat and guess the secret number! The 12 Days of MathWays are our gift to you! If you enjoy this game, please consider giving a gift to Zeno’s 2014 Annual Fund. Read More