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It all started back in 2012….a 5th grade teacher from Gatewood Elementary (located in West Seattle) attended our annual celebration known as MathFest, and became enthused about the possibility of bringing Zeno programming to his building. In a joint effort with the school’s PTA, a partnership was born. What has ensued has been nothing short […] Read More

Yeah, I know. You have waited to the last possible minute to figure out a Halloween costume. The child in your life…well she or he knew since LAST November 1st what they wanted to be. But now it is crunch time, and the Shrek ears you normally wear each year are not to be found. […] Read More

We have a Falcon in our office. For real. Oh, and we also have a Hawk, a Redhawk and a Jayhawk. But that’s not all…our avian friends are joined by a Husky and a Mustang. In the feline department, we have a Wildcat and a Monarch. (Yep, I said feline. This particular Monarch is one […] Read More