Imagine a 2nd grader sitting in math class, not able to grasp the fraction lesson but is too afraid to raise their hand. Now imagine the anxiety of that child’s parent, knowing the subject needs to be given priority at home but who lacks the resources to enable their child be successful. And imagine those same feelings of frustration and defeat falling on a teacher who recognizes their own math anxiety in the classroom, strives to relieve it, but ultimately is unable to find candid support to overcome it.

Fear and lack of confidence limit kids from learning. If left unchecked, these feelings create negative, defeatist attitudes about math that prevent children from being successful in school, life and 21st century careers. But through our work this year, Zeno is changing that narrative for kids all across Puget Sound and beyond. Zeno creates enjoyment and excitement around math. Our programs empower children, families, and educators to positively change their attitudes and to embrace math, thereby making them more successful in all aspects of their lives.

Teaching math gamesAnd no one knows this better than Zeno’s partner educators, who experience a far-reaching impact. A teacher from Seattle’s John Muir Elementary saw the need to inspire ALL her kids to love math. Her work with a Mathematician in Residence helped her set up a ‘Math Workshop’ Model in her classroom that allowed her lessons to apply to kids of all ability levels. “I do a mini lesson, and there’s a skill station, and then enrichment and games. And [that model] allows all my students to love math – even the ones who struggle with it. Playing the games themselves is an easy way of making math a part of everyday life. And it’s taught me that being clear on the basics about math, and showing that they apply no matter what we’re learning, is even going to help students with their literacy and more!

With your support this holiday season, Zeno will continue to be able to build more math powered classrooms like this one. It’s through support from donors like you that these powerful programs are made possible, and at a subsidized rate to the schools that need us the most. Together, we can bolster math confidence and introduce infinite possibilities for the kids in our community.

Will you support us by making a donation today to our 2014 Annual Fund?

Your gift will give kids the math confidence and tools to follow their dreams, whatever they might be!

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