2013 ASoN Camp MSFT UVillageIf you visit the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square this week, you’ll see an infinite amount of FUN happening in their community theater. What’s all the laughter and games about? Believe it or not – those are the sounds of Math Camp!

At Zeno’s Ancient Secrets of Numbers Camp, young mathematicians are being guided through an adventure that reveals the fun of math. Campers are working together this week to discover the history of counting, how numbers were developed and the origins of ancient number systems. All this fun packs a powerful punch. Among 3-5th graders, math skills increase from 57% to 73% after one week of camp!


And we still have spots open for our April 7th Spring Break camp! After learning the Ancient Secrets of Numbers, YOUR kids will come home and teach you the origins of historic games like Tapatan and Mancala! To register, please visit  http://zenomath.org/whats-happening/zeno-math-camps/ 


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