Registration is now open for the Clyde Hill Zeno Math Club. 

Click here to sign up and learn more TODAY!

Clyde Hill Zeno Math Club details:

  • October 2nd – November 20th
  • Two session will be offered – one for 1st – 2nd grade students and one for 3rd – 4th grade students
  • Please note: Your child must attend Clyde Hill Elementary to enroll in math club.

Interested in bringing Zeno Math Club to your school or learning more?  Contact Jennifer Gaer at or 206-326-0774.

1 thought on “Sign up for the Clyde Hill Zeno Math Club!”

  1. I’d like to register Zeno math club for my son. He is attending Clyde Hill in 3rd grade now.
    How can I register this program starting Oct. 2, 2013?
    l’ll look forward to having your response.

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