Gatewood Elementary Photo credit: Seattle Public Schools
Gatewood Elementary
Photo credit: Seattle Public Schools

It all started back in 2012….a 5th grade teacher from Gatewood Elementary (located in West Seattle) attended our annual celebration known as MathFest, and became enthused about the possibility of bringing Zeno programming to his building. In a joint effort with the school’s PTA, a partnership was born.

What has ensued has been nothing short of remarkable. Gatewood has run three sessions of our Number Sense curricula, targeting kids who could use a bit of a boost in their math skills, as well as kids who would benefit from some enrichment. But that’s not all…this past October, they threw a “Math Madness” night which attracted over 300 people back to the school at night to play math games.  Read that again…back to school at night to play math games. Further, their challenge board has averaged 120-150 responses per month. To break that number down, it means that one out of every three kids is doing an extra math challenge every month.

Gatewood teachers have seen a difference as well. One teacher said that after school math clubs allowed him to connect with parents he didn’t normally see. Second Grade teacher Jay Nowicki remarked, “You can visibly notice the kid’s confidence rise during classroom math instruction after they’ve participated in Zeno math club!”

Big ups to you, Gatewood!

If you want to learn more about partnering with Zeno, contact our Outreach and Marketing Manager, Caitlin Nunberg. And if you are already a partner school, give yourself a big pat on the back and tell us what math-y things are happening in your building.

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