New research out of the University of Missouri is revealing that what children know about numbers when they enter first grade plays a big role in how well they do everyday calculations later in life. We aren’t just talking about future rocket scientists. We’re talking basic math – calculating percentages and adding fractions. Ordinary tasks that are disqualifying people from today’s jobs.

The study followed 180 kids through to seventh grade, and showed that those who demonstrated lagging math fluency in first grade were the same ones lacking it now. Dr. Kathy Mann Koepke of the National Institutes of Health stresses the concern for early intervention. “It’s not just, can you do well in school? It’s how well can you do in your life.”

At Zeno, we’re closing that gap. We’re building confident, curious kids who develop necessary skills and a love of math in elementary school that will continue to serve them as they grow.  Read about the study here and bring more math into your home with some of our fun and family-oriented math activities!

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