The 12 Days of MathWays is a Zeno holiday tradition. As a gift to our community, we will be bringing you 12 different ways you can play math at home as a family. Zeno believes that when math is engaging and fun it can have a transformative impact on a person’s life. It’s in this spirit that we’re giving math fun to you and yours this holiday season. We hope you will enjoy these games and share the joy of math with the kids in your life!

Let’s start off with a game of Chip Swap. To promote spatial reasoning skills, play Chip Swap with chips or get everyone moving by using the players as chips!

On the first day of MathWays enjoy a game of Chip Swap!

In 2014, Zeno brought math fun to over 4,797 family members! Want to help us share the joy with many more families? Consider making a gift to our 2014 Annual Fund.




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