The Space Needle Masterpiece
The Space Needle Masterpiece

Last Monday, Microsoft’s RedWest Campus was filled with yummy doughnuts, delectable cookies and brownies, scrumptious cheesecakes and one very impressive space needle, made out of white and dark chocolate of course! What inspired this glorious collection of treats?  The Microsoft GIVE campaign! The campaign runs throughout October and inspires employees to support their favorite non profits through a variety of fun activities.  Zeno was fortunate to participate in RedWest’s impressive bake sale; we raised over $1,500 for our programs which will help support our 30 partner schools in the 13/14 school year! Special thanks to Microsoft, the generous donors and the amazing Microsoft employee volunteers who made the event possible!

1 thought on “Microsoft GIVE Bake Sale = Over $1,500 for Zeno's Programs!”

  1. I wonder who at Brachs has the job to figrue out the measure of candy corn from end to end, how many candy corn equal a mile and how many times it would circle the earth. My students will love this problem but now I need to hunt down a leftover bag of candy corn .perhaps I should be searching for fun facts on candy canes ..

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