Sisters Clara and Katrina Midgley support Explorations in Math as office and event volunteers. Clara, now a sophomore at University of Pennsylvania, started working in our office when she was in high school at University Prep in Seattle. Now her sister, Katrina, who will be a senior at U Prep in the fall, continues the family tradition, working on various projects during her school breaks and summer vacation. This summer, Katrina plans to help as a summer math camp counselor in addition to her office help. Clara is so hooked on helping us, she still accepts volunteer assignments she can perform remotely from school back East. Thanks Midgleys!

About Katrina:

Age: 17

Day job: High school student

Hobbies, interests: Dance, Mock Trial, Cross Country

Volunteers with Explorations in Math because: I love math myself, and I want others to realize how fun it can be.

Memorable moment volunteering w/ us: Most of my volunteer hours with EIM have been in their offices. However, I was finally able to attend the November Mathfest. I loved the experience of teaching kids a math game and how their faces lit up when they did a problem correctly.

What keeps you coming back?: EIM is always so appreciative whenever I volunteer for them. It’s great to know that your work will have a direct benefit on kids in the classroom.

About Clara:

Age: 19

Day job: College student

Hobbies, interests: Varsity Women’s Soccer at University of Pennsylvania, skiing, traveling,

Volunteers with Explorations in Math because: I enjoy working with kids and have a passion for math – the exact two things this organization represents. My experience with incredible math teachers have inspired me to pursue engineering. At the elementary school level, my teachers taught me the basics of addition and multiplication through engaging word problems and 3D models. I find it exciting to inspire a kid to enjoy math in a way they didn’t always expect, such as math-based games.

Memorable moment volunteering with us: MathFest when a kid came crying to me trying to find his jacket he misplaced and when we couldn’t find it I was able to distract him and cheer him up by playing Traffic Jam.

What keeps you coming back?: The appreciation I hear from parents when I call taking a surveys about MathFest.

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