Meet Angela Bertrand and Sudha Raman, two members of the HandsOn Leadership team from Seattle Works who volunteered from April to November to help deliver our biggest Seattle-side MathFest ever. Volunteer Matt Padberg led the team early on, before taking a job in Chicago in August.

About Sudha:

Age: 26

Day job: Aspiring graduate student and avid investor. When Sudha’s not  volunteering, she’s reading or watching financial news and trading in the Queen Anne area home she shares with her husband, Karthik.

Volunteers with Explorations in Math because:  “The description of Math Fest (presented in the Hands On Leadership program) seemed really fun. I wish I had something as fun when I was growing up.”  Though she came to MathFest planning with prior event management experience—she organized College Bowl (a quiz competition) and Homecoming while a student at University of Arizona—she ended up shining as a fundraiser for the event, garnering many of MathFest’s in-kind donations.

Memorable moment volunteering w/ us: “I was very impressed with the generous donations. I did not even have to try very hard to sell the event, it spoke for itself. It felt good to be a part of something everyone feels so positive about.”

What kept you coming back during your involvement in delivering MathFest: “EIM made it easy for us to volunteer. They were friendly and trusting without being overwhelming.”

About Angela:

Age: 24

Day job: Office manager at a local Learning Center.

Volunteers with Explorations in Math because:  “I was looking to volunteer planning an event that would both be fun for kids and benefit them at the same time, and MathFest fit the bill perfectly!” Angela worked tirelessly on countless details relating to MathFest, including engagement of MathFest crew chiefs, volunteer leaders of the volunteer teams that make MathFest possible. Other interests: Visiting local parks, bike riding, reading and playing board games. Angela lives with her husband, Mike, in the Greenwood area of Seattle.

Memorable moment (volunteering w/ us):” MathFest 2011! After hearing so much about the event since I became involved in May and working with EIM staff to make the event happen, it was great to be there and to see all of the kids having a great time playing math in its many forms! Also hearing that we had broken the attendance record only an hour into the event added to the excitement. “

What kept you coming back during your involvement in delivering MathFest: “I’ve always worked with kids in varying capacities, though rarely have I met staff as passionate about their cause as those at EIM. Their dedication to creating a positive math culture-something I’d never thought about before teaming up with the organization-is amazing and definitely making a difference in the lives of area elementary school kids.”

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