Zeno believes that two of the most important tools a kid needs to succeed in math are confidence and attitude. At the recent Washington STEM Summit on the Microsoft Campus, the Washington STEM Framework for Action + Accountability was unveiled and we were pleased to see that they agree with us. They have listed “Positive attitudes toward STEM courses and experiences” as a Power Indicator for elementary as well as middle school kids.

But unlike traditional math skills, these transferrable skills are harder to develop and certainly more difficult to measure. As a result, Zeno and data2insight have launched an assessment study of our Zeno Math Clubs and Math Camps to get a clearer picture of the impact of our programs. The goal of this study is to measure the change in attitude of kids in these programs using a nationally validated survey called Math and Me. The study will survey up to 400 kids, tracking their results before and after they have participated in our programs. We are also conducting a literature review, mapping Zeno’s programs and best practices to established math research.

In addition to the survey, data2insight will conduct a series of interviews and focus groups including kids, parents, teachers and school administrators to look more deeply into changes in math confidence and its effect on math achievement. Year 1 data is already being collected and findings are expected in spring of 2014. Stay tuned to see the results of our assessment work next year!

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