Bill_Ellis2We could say a lot about the new Board Chair here at Zeno, but we’ll do you one better. Ladies and gentleman, the man himself!

Hi, I’m Bill Ellis, new Board Chair for Zeno. I’ve been on the Board for the past two years, and before that was involved with Zeno as a member of Social Venture Partners, being Lead Partner for the SVP grant to Zeno. I’m retired from a very enjoyable career in the technology industry. When I’m not working with Zeno or volunteering for other nonprofits, you can find me on the water with a fly rod in my hand.

This is a very exciting time for Zeno, as we pursue our mission to build a positive math culture by increasing confidence and excitement for math in children through age 11. This year, we’re starting to expand our programs from elementary schools and students into Early Learning. Washington State is a leader in Early Learning, and we’re pleased to be a part of this important phase of education, with great partners like Thrive By Five Washington.

The essence of Zeno was brought home to me at our Mathfest event earlier this year. A little girl, along with her Dad and older brother, approached a table featuring a math card game. She stood there for a minute, a bit apprehensive, looked at her brother, and when he didn’t offer any help, she stepped up to the table and surveyed the game. Her little face scrunched up in concentration as she looked at the cards, then she matched up the numbers perfectly, and a triumphant smile came to her face, followed by smiles from her Dad and brother. Math was not scary, it was fun!

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