A math teacher once told Vicki as a child, “You ask too many questions!” She thought to herself, but isn’t that what math is all about? From that moment she knew she wanted to go into education and inspire kids to feel good about math. Vicki brings decades of experience to the Zeno team; she spent many years as an elementary teacher, worked for a year in education research and even started her own math tutoring business which includes a special focus on helping girls be better friends with math.

Vicki PVicki first discovered Zeno as a volunteer and she was hooked. Zeno’s work connected with her passion for introducing children to the joy of math. As a Mathematician-In-Residence, Vicki brings new instruction techniques and activities into local classrooms to help kids and teachers to get past their fears and experience the fun in mathematics.

When not sharing her expertise with educators and spreading math love, you can find Vicki embarking on family camping adventures and volunteering at her kids’ school.

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