GiveBIG2013_color_date (2)In just one week, The Seattle Foundation is hosting GiveBIG where thousands of donors will rally to support local organizations and make history in King County!  You can GiveBIG for Math Power by supporting Zeno and inspire BIG dreams to come true!  Add GiveBIG to your calendar TODAY!

When you’re math powered, your possibilities are infinite. That’s why Zeno works with over 12,000 kids, teachers and families each year to re-frame math as fun and relevant so ALL kids can build math confidence and lifetime skills.

Last week we talked with kids at our MathFest event to hear their math powered stories. Check out the videos below to hear from future math powered scientists and Karate Masters who show us what math confidence looks like:

What do you want to be when you grow up1 from Zeno on Vimeo.

How does math make you feel1 from Zeno on Vimeo.

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