What is a MathWays Workshop?

MathWays Workshop was designed to give family members and educators a taste of the fun kids can have playing math. This program introduces participants to a series of fun, easy games that reinforce critical math skills and boost self-confidence. The idea behind the workshops is that when kids and families play with math in a non-competitive environment, they will approach future math challenges with enthusiasm, not apprehension.

What happens in a MathWays Workshop?

Kids playing math card games at Math Night

A typical MathWays Workshop lasts for an hour or two. Zeno educators bring a simple deck of cards or some dice to show families a variety of activities they can use at home to reinforce basic math skills. Family members are also invited to talk about their early math memories—did they feel put on the spot when they didn’t have the right answer? Did they feel anxious when they had to do timed math? Often our attitudes about math are rooted in those early experiences and we can pass them on to the kids in our lives unknowingly. MathWays offers up fun math experiences so that adults can build, and then model, a more positive relationship with math.

What makes a MathWays Workshop tick?

Father and daughter playing math games

It is that critical role model/child connection! That’s why MathWays focuses on family members and care givers. Once the adults in the audience shed their inhibitions about math, the kids in their lives can follow suit.

How do you know this works?

From the positive feedback we get! 90% of family members who attend a MathWays Workshop tell us that they are playing more math games at home now. See what this parent has to say, “I’m glad I stumbled upon your MathWays seminar at KidsQuest Children’s Museum. I have been playing the add up fingers game and one we call ‘solutions’. It’s where I give my 6 year old the solution and one of the numbers and he gives me the other number (x) that will add up to the solution. Early algebra? He loves it and asks to play it all the time. It’s great!” – Andrea Holtan, Parent

Ok, I am interested, can I get a preview?

Absolutely! This holiday season, Zeno will bring you 12 Days of MathWays. It is our gift to the Zeno community. For 12 days in December we will be sharing math games that you might find at a MathWays Workshop that you can play with your family. Watch the Math Matters Blog for more on 12 Days of MathWays!

What else is new?

Glad you asked! It is an exciting time at Zeno! We have received a grant from Thrive by Five to develop our newest offering, MathWays for Early Learning. This program will give families and care givers of preschoolers the tools and training to encourage early math exploration. If kids embrace math and build math confidence at a very early age, they’ll be more likely to preserve in math lifelong. We are eager to share more details about this program, so stay tuned!

Write to caitlinnu@zenomath.org to learn about how you can bring a MathWays Workshop to your school or community. We hope to see you at a MathWays Workshop soon!

2 thoughts on “Curious about a MathWays Workshop?”

  1. Christine Brodhead

    I would like to get my class involved in the program. They are a group of 3rd grade gifted students working at the 4th grade level of math. How do I go about doing this?

  2. Caitlin Nunberg

    Hi Christine, thanks for commenting. Zeno would love to host a MathWays Workshop at your school! I’ll email you with the details.

    We look forward to working with you to create curious, confident kids who are Math Powered!

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