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“Both Bridget and Vincent literally rushed in the door to show me their new t-shirt and immediately started jumping rope. Bridget then got out the playing cards and started adding numbers and comparing them. Whoa! She also woke up this morning and when I told her I needed two minutes before she could do something […] Read More

“And, by the way….this is absolutely the BEST math club group I’ve had yet. It’s small with only 15 children, but so much more manageable versus 24 or 25. They are having a BLAST, learning so much, and LOVE coming to club.” Mary Lou Luce, Teacher, Rachel Carson Elementary Read More

“I’m glad I stumbled upon your MathWays seminar at KidsQuest. I have been playing the add up fingers game and one we call “solutions”. It’s where I give my 6 year old the solution and one of the numbers and he gives me the other number (x) that will add up to the solution. Early […] Read More

“Our math workshop this morning was awesome! I have witnessed some games in the classroom already. It was so powerful when the children asked me, how do you know how to play this game? I had a big beam and told them that their teacher taught me the same game this morning. They were startled…my […] Read More