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Zeno Curriculum: Family MathWays

Teaching Strategies GOLD Objective: 22c

Each Zeno game includes 3 mini-games that build on a child’s understanding and comfort with a specific math concept.

All instruction files for this game are translated into the following languages: Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Somali, and Vietnamese.

Game 1: Seed






Start on your sequencing journey by ordering objects and puzzles!

  1. Download Game 1 – Seed instructions here.
  2. Download Game 1 – Seed materials here.

Once you download and print the materials, you will need to cut puzzle images into two pieces, and cut out 1st and 2nd markers. Bear counters are not included, but you can substitute any small toys/objects from around your home!

Game 2: Sprout





Your sequencing journey continues with more places and talking about your own daily routine!

  1. Download Game 2 – Sprout instructions here.
  2. Download Game 2 – Sprout materials here.

When printing materials, print the sequencing cards double-sided so each picture has a number or Zeno logo on the back. You will also need to cut out the 1st – 4th counters.

Game 3: Bloom





Build on your sequencing skills by identifying 1st – 10th place!

  1. Download Game 3 – Bloom instructions here.
  2. Download Game 3 – Bloom materials here.

As with Game 1, you can substitute any small toys/objects from around your home to replace the bear counters, and cover up object with small cups or containers.


Teachers and Home Visitors: Click here to download an instructor card with extra tips and tricks for playing the game in your classroom or with families you work with!