More, Less or Equal

Zeno Curriculum: MathWays for Early Learning

Common Core Standard(s): K.CC.6

Teaching Strategies GOLD Objective: 20b and 22

Materials: Cards (provided below), Unifix cubes, More/Less die


Game Instructions

Instructions are available in the following languages:

Teachers and Home Visitors: Click here to download an instructor card with extra tips and tricks for playing the game in your classroom or with families you work with!

Additional Materials

  1. 1 – 10 card set – download here (make sure you print 2 sets)
  2. Number Mats – download here
  3. Shape Cards – download here
  4. More or Less Die, Unifix cubes

Note: If you do not have Unifix cubes, use small blocks, pennies, or any other small item that can be stacked. If you do not have a More/Less die, use a coin and make heads more and tails less.