We are Seattle-based educators and community members who work, volunteer, and contribute to ensure every child has the opportunity to enjoy math. If you’re not sure who to contact, just write and we’ll put you in touch!

Career Opportunities:
Zeno is currently seeking a Development Director to lead and grow fundraising through a cultural and community centered lens. The ideal candidate for this position has experience in team leadership, fund development planning and strategy, and solicitation of major gifts, and is prepared to support an ambitious organizational growth plan! Read more in our Development Director job posting, and apply at


Juan Manuel Flores, Jr., Community + Family Program Manager

Favorite number: Inifinity
Favorite pet never owned: Tibetan Mastiff
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Malcolm X

Read Juan’s full bio here.

Andriana Alexis, Development + Communications Director

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite Number: For now, its 31 – I pick a different number every time
Elementary School: Lake Grove Elementary

Read Andriana’s full bio here.


Luz Guillén, Office Manager

Hometown: Chelan, WA
Favorite Number: 25
Favorite Pet Never Owned: Teacup Piglet

Read Luz’s full bio here.


Maile Hadley, Programs + Operations Director

Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Favorite number: 7
Ideal Vacation Spot: New Zealand

Read Maile’s full bio here.

Julie Marl, Senior Advisor

Favorite number: 8
Number of different places lived: 9
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Ben Franklin

Read Julie’s full bio here.

Gladys Reyes, Assistant Manager, Partnerships

Favorite number: 7
Favorite Pet Never Owned: Parrot
Hometown: East Wenatchee, WA

Read Gladys’ full bio here.

 Katie Sauter, Assistant Director, Programs

Hometown: Troy, Michigan
Favorite Number: 17
Favorite Pet Never Owned: Horse

Read Katie’s full bio here.

Kate Sedney-Read, Grants + Project Manager

Favorite number: 8
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Historical figure to accompany on a deserted island: Howard Zinn

Read Kate’s full bio here.

Jermell Witherspoon, Early Learning Specialist

Favorite number: 7
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Favorite Pet Never Owned: Dog

Read Jermell’s full bio here.


Board of Directors

Taj Benford, Community Development Chair

Favorite number: 7
Favorite pet never owned: A baby tiger
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Read Taj’s full bio here.

Manuela Crowley, Director

Favorite number: 17
Favorite pet never owned: None really, I have my dog
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Read Manuela’s full bio here.


Nikki Freeman, Director

Favorite pet never owned: Micro Pig
Historical Figure to accompany on a deserted island: Bessie Colman
Hometown: Naperville, IL

Read Nikki’s full bio here.


Jay Goyal, Vice Chair

Favorite Number: 15
Favorite pet never owned: None
Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Read Jay’s full bio here.

Mike Greene, Secretary

Favorite Number: 11 (my old football jersey #)
Favorite Pet Never Owned: Orangutan
Hometown: Rockville, MD

Read Mike’s full bio here.


Kevin Hu, Treasurer

Favorite Number: 9, Michael Jordan’s Team USA jersey number
Ideal vacation spot: Anywhere with a beach
Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan

Read Kevin’s full bio here.

Bill Ketcham, Governance Committee Chair

Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Favorite number: 7… (5 children +mom +dad =7)
Favorite pet never owned: Hamster

Read Bill’s full bio here.

Megan Scott, Board Chair

Hometown: Vero Beach, FL
Favorite number: Infinity
Favorite pet never owned: Polar Bear

Read Megan’s full bio here.


Heidi Stolte, Director

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Favorite number: 9, because it’s my birthday and a cool odd number
Favorite pet never owned: Horse. I always dreamed of having one, but it isn’t practical.

Read Heidi’s full bio here.


Shoko Toyama, Director

Favorite number: 51 – because of Ichiro Suzuki
Favorite pet never owned: Manatee
Hometown: Chiba, Japan

Read Shoko’s full bio here.

Leslie Wright, Director

Favorite number: 7
Favorite pet never owned: Horse named Taco
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Read Leslie’s full bio here.


Zeno is made possible by individual donors, grant makers, and sponsors like you. We welcome donations to support our work – every amount helps more people become math powered. To contribute, please make a donation today. If you represent a grant-making organization and would like to learn more about our work with kids, families, teachers, schools and community groups, please contact Kate Sedney-Read. If you are an individual or sponsor looking to learn more about Zeno, please contact Ari Rosen. Thank you for your interest!


Our work at Zeno would not be possible with out our amazing volunteers. From math nights to fundraisers and everything in between, we simply would not be able to reach the wide range of teachers, families, and community members currently engaging in our programs without the many individuals who give their time to create math powered moments! If you would like to learn more about volunteering with Zeno, please visit the Volunteer Page.


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