Ya’Vonne Hubbard

Early Learning Specialist

Ya’vonne joined the Zeno team in the Fall of 2017. She brings a love of math and experience as a parent, volunteer, and teacher’s aid to the organization. Working at Zeno is a homecoming of sorts for Ya’Vonne, who lived in the Central District as a child and attended Bailey Gatzert Elementary right across the street.

Ya’Vonne’s love of math began in middle school with Ms. Lasche, who fostered a confidence in the subject. Once in high school, a second math teacher, Mr. Regan, encouraged her to take a class above her grade level. Ya’Vonne fondly remembers that Mr. Regan took the time to explain problems to the class in many ways to ensure all students understood in the way that worked for them. She is excited to create similar opportunities and build confidence in math for kids from an even earlier age at Zeno!

When not building math confidence for kids, you can find Ya’Vonne volunteering with other great non-profits (like Rainier Scholars), exploring the outdoors, and spending time with her family.