Tarhata Guiamelon

Product Manager

Tarhata brings a range of experience in technology consulting for non-profits, business management, user experience, and research to her new role at Zeno. She enjoys understanding and improving systems and loves Zeno’s focus on “unleashing every child’s infinite potential.” For Tarhata, “math is really a lens through which one can understand and make sense of the everyday phenomena existing in nature and humanity. Al-Khwārizmī, one of the fathers of algebra, wasn’t just playing with numbers–he intentionally used math to understand the geography of the earth, the stars in the solar system, and other large-scale phenomena that are the foundations of modern navigation and astronomy.”

Tarhata’s relationship with math started early: “I have a distinct memory of doing math problems with my teacher in Kindergarten. At the time, I thought it was weird that I was doing math problems during play time when all the other kids were having fun.” When she was older, she learned the teacher recommended her for the school district’s highly gifted program: “It’s because she saw potential in me that I was able to receive the best public school education possible, which set me up for success in college and beyond.” Her love for learning about people and the impact of technology have led her to get a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction & Design, with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Anthropology & Global Health.

When not working to create family-centered games and programs for Zeno, Tarhata can be found vegging out on the couch with her partner and dogs while exploring the infinite depths of Wikipedia!

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