Taj Benford

Community Development Chair

Taj joined the board of Zeno in 2019. He brings with him invaluable community and non-profit experience, including with the YWCA – GenRisers, Treehouse, NAACP, the NW African American Museum, and Urban League. Inspired by his favorite teacher, he still remembers how Mrs. Brewer showed him the simplicity of math using colors and shapes and always made sure that the whole class understood the lessons before moving forward. He also remembers growing up in a low-income community though and the reality of not receiving the same opportunities and tools as the wealthier communities.

Taj shares a strong personal connection to Zeno’s mission through his childhood experiences. He believes it is his responsibility as a board member to ensure that mission is executed efficiently to prepare children of color in our communities for a fast-growing technology economy. And that learning math at a critical preschool age should guarantee our children of color a chance at not just succeeding but belonging in that economy.

When not advocating for systemic change, Taj can be found at a community event, spending time with his family, or working on planning his future.