Stephanie Cherrington

Board Member

stephanieStephanie is a seasoned business professional with extensive experience with marketing, product management and operations. Stephanie is currently the Executive Director at Eastside Pathways and joined Zeno’s Board in 2012. She has had a close relationship with Zeno since its founding: Stephanie’s children participated in Zeno’s earliest programs at Wilder Elementary and after spending time volunteering, Stephanie served as Zeno’s Executive Director from 2007 – 2011. Stephanie lead Zeno during a period of tremendous growth and helped build the foundation for future success.

She shared, “I feel passionate about giving all kids the opportunity for success. Zeno feels like one of the magical keys to unlock that door. It unlocks the power and mystery of math by making it fun.” Stephanie thanks Sister Bernardi for inspiring her in high school by recognizing hard work and motivating her in math class. When not working to provide endless opportunities for children in our communities, you can find Stephanie hanging out with her husband and black lab, Kosta, or enjoying a good dinner and wine with friends.

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