Shoko Toyama

Board Director

Shoko is a leader in Seattle’s non-profit community, serving on the board of AFP Advancement Northwest and volunteering with of a number of organizations including Seattle Design Foundation, Haiti Babi, and The Seattle Globalist. She is also a proud graduate of United Way of King County’s ProjectLEAD Program and currently serves as the Senior Development & Events Manager at Plymouth Housing Group.

Shoko fondly remembers her juku math teacher, Mr. Shimizu, who always made it a point to make math fun through games, songs and puzzles. But, of course, “he always made sure that we weren’t playing games, songs or puzzles on our graphing calculator”! She LOVES Zeno’s mission and the team that makes it happen, and has volunteered for and attended many Zeno events over the last four years, and is excited to continue to be involved with the organization as a board member.

When not singing her way through a math problem or inspiring others to create a better world, Shoko can be found hanging out her dog Peanut, who is also a math enthusiast!

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