Rikki Hinz

Early Learning Program Specialist

Rikki brings 10 years of experience working with children and families to the team. A Washington native, Rikki is a graduate of the Running Start program where she discovered her love for math. It was a course titled, ‘Math a Practical Art’ that showcased how math is truly embedded in all aspects of everyday life. She went on to graduate from the University of Washington with a BA in Early Childhood and Family Studies with distinction, as the first person in her family to obtain a college degree.

Rikki most recently taught at Northwest Center Kids and Wellspring Family Services and is thrilled to bring her experience to the communities Zeno serves. She is inspired by Zeno’s “purpose of making math fun and accessible to everybody – educators, parents, and students alike.” When not spreading the math love, you can find Rikki getting lost in the mountains. The North Cascades are her favorite place on earth. Besides the endless representation of math in nature, she finds inspirations in the way the rock faces and glaciers make her feel small and humble.

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